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Merced County Treasurer - Tax Collector


We are pleased to now offer a paperless e-Tax Bill service for Secured Property Taxes. You will now be able to receive your property tax bill by email. Once you subscribe, you will automatically receive an e-mail with a link to a copy of your property tax bill twice a year, receive reminder notifications of tax due dates, and have the ability to login and download a copy of your bill at anytime.

Learn more about paying property taxes online HERE.

For more information, read e-Bill frequently asked questions below.


e-Tax Bill

No more paper bills cluttering up your mailbox. Receive email with easy links to payment webiste.


You will receive automated emails reminding you of payment dues dates with links directly to payment websites


You will be helping to: conserve local resources, reduce our carbon footprint, and lower departmental costs

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Simple and convenient way to pay your taxes and avoid late fees.


An e-Tax bill is an electronic version of a paper bill that can be viewed and paid online. Instead of being mailed it is delivered to your email.
  • Convenience - Download and print your billing information at your convenience.
  • Enhanced Security - Replacing paper bills and statements with electronic versions allows you to reduce the flow of personal information from unsecured mailboxes, where it can be a target for theft.
  • Conserve - Help the environment by saving paper and reducing waste.
Go to
  • Select “Sign Up”
  • Read and accept the e-Tax bill Terms and Conditions
  • Input the assessment parcel number (APN) and Security details
No, there are no fees to sign-up and receive the e-Tax bill and there are no fees to pay by e-check. Credit/debit card payments are charged 2.34% of paid amount by a third party vendor.
When you enroll in the e-Tax bill service, the Tax Collector will send you a paper Tax bill in the mail one time upon your registration for the current fiscal year in addition to an e-Tax bill. For enrolled assessment parcel numbers (APN) following your initial sign-up you will receive an email only when your e-Tax bills are available to view, print or pay online. You can always login to to opt-out of the e-Tax bill service.
You will receive an email confirmation regarding your new e-Tax bill account. You must confirm your request by clicking on the confirmation link within 24 hours to activate your new account. Failure to confirm will automatically cancel your account. Once you have confirmed and activated your account, you can add the parcels to be delivered as e-Tax bills. You will then receive an e-notification when the e-Tax bill is available to view, print or pay online.
Once you sign up for the e-Tax bill service, you will be notified via email when your next bill is available for review online.
You must print the e-Tax bill for your own personal records or save as a PDF on your computer.
Yes, Taxpayer’s receiving e-Tax bills can pay by mail, online (e check is FREE!) or by phone.
Yes. e-Tax bill subscribers may pay their bill with a credit card, debit card or e-check. Click HERE for more details.
Logon to to your account at and navigate to My Bills. In the email section simply delete the old address and add the new one.
Click the Reset Password button in the login dialog, then enter your user name, the security code, and click the Send Reset Link button. You will receive an email notice with a link to reset your password.
Yes, Login to your account at go to My Bills. In the assessment section delete the assessment parcel numbers (APN) you no longer want delivered as e-Tax bills
No, the e-Tax billing service is optional for taxpayers. You can still have access online to view, print or pay taxes without signing up for the e-Tax bill service. Go to
  • Make sure you are not blocking emails from the County and your inbox is not full.
  • Verify that the email address on our account is correct.
Yes. You can have the notification sent to two email addresses, the primary and the alternative. Some taxpayers use this to send a notification to their work and home email accounts.
Someone may have added your parcel number on their e-Tax bill account in error. To remove the assessment parcel number (APN) from the e-Tax bill service, email your request to Merced e-Tax bills. ([email protected])